iPod Saturation

I don’t quite know what to make of this – while browsing around the other day I saw that the Warehouse , home of the cheap and breakable imported trinket, has started stocking iPod accessories. They’re Cobalt brand, which is the Warehouse’s own brand for any electrical gadgety type thing that it can from find some no-name producer. The art work features something vaguely similar to the iPod silhouettes we all know from the ads , although it looks more like a hit and run victim that has been chalked around by an inebriated policeman than someone dancing blissfully in their own private music universe.
Warehouse-Ipod Thumbnail-4
These accessories also feature a misspelled product name: what the hell is an “i-Pod”? Still, full credit to Cobalt, I suppose at least they went to the effort of putting “TM” after it, and they did get the capitalization right, but I think that if they had really got permission from the trademark holders to produce this thing, they probably would have also learned how to spell the item for which they are selling accessories.
Upsides? Well, this particular kit is $24, which is way cheaper than the $70-$100 for most iPod accessories from the real shops, and you get a goodly amount of stuff too: a “cigarette adaptor and i-Pod in-car charger”, an “I-Pod data and power cable” (yes, differing capitalization), and a “cassette audio adaptor”. Not bad for twenty-four squids.
Downsides? Well, the charger you put your iPod into is a plastic cage, which you tighten by squeezing two sliding other bits of plastic up against the sides of your iPod. I can see that’s going to keep it firmly in place for about 10 seconds. Everything is made of white plastic. Not the shiny, rich looking white plastic of an iPod, but the bland, brittle white of a shopping bag melted down into an amorphous blob. And it’s the Warehouse. Do you really think any of the items in this pack are going to work properly?

So what is more disturbing? That the Warehouse believes that there are people who have purchased an expensive quality item which works perfectly in a seamless blend of hardware and software, but who will pick up a barely working lump of shitty plastic to accessorise it? Or the fact that the Warehouse is right?

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