Sub-optimal iPod Care

A sequence of steps not to take for optimal iPod usage:

  1. Go to China
  2. Put iPod in protective case
  3. Place iPod in thigh pocket of ¾ length cargo pants
  4. Take a train to Guangzhou, listen to iPod on journey
  5. Visit the apartment of an elderly relative of one of your party
  6. Sit and nod and smile politely while much Chinese is spoken
  7. Form a line to say goodbye to elderly relative.
  8. Join line at back
  9. Realise the prolonged goodbyes are making elderly relative upset, but also realise that you can’t skip out of the line now
  10. Say good bye to weeping elderly relative
  11. Get shoved aside by concerned son of weeping elderly relative keen to console weeping elderly relative
  12. Stumble towards a glass dinner table with conveniently placed corner at thigh level
  13. Feel a crunch and tinkle of something breaking
  14. Fish iPod out of pocket.
  15. Damn.


2 Responses to Sub-optimal iPod Care

  1. raq says:

    bummer….but makes for an amusing read!

  2. iddet says:

    Dunno what you’re weeping about …. you’re doing alright out of the whole deal …

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