Men Without Arms

He looks like every other vaguely abstract little man on public toilet doors everywhere. But the one at our work is different: he has no arms. That big square thing perched upon his legs is only his (obviously over-gymed) body.
Sure, the vaguely abstract little ladies on toilet doors everywhere don’t tend to have arms, but all they need is a triangle dress to show punters whether they’re welcome or not within. Men need their arms, dammit! Or is this the start of some feminist conspiracy? 😉
Armless Thumbnail


3 Responses to Men Without Arms

  1. iddet says:

    See, this is the thin end of the wedge that precedes a gathering surge of meandering muck likely to disgorge from the intellectual maw of one who has a hi-def camera phone, a somewhat twisted imagination AND the spare time to misuse both …

    I have visions of your continued working career; wageslaving at a desk by day, at night prowling the deserted corridors of your employer searching out visual justification for your warped conspiracy theories and taking furtive snaps of evidence on your little spy phone.

    Or is all of this just the groundwork for your cunning explanation when you are caught taking photos around the ladies washroom?

  2. meromo says:

    You know, today I was actually considering snapping a quick photo of the ladies’ toilet door just for comparison’s sake, but then I thought: female GM visiting for the day; Meromo standing with camera outside toilet as she exits…and decided on NOT losing my job.

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