Software We Love to Hate

Microsoft Access suggests that I search for “disk space, freeing” or “memory, troubleshooting” to find out more information on this dialogue box. What happens when I do?

Memory-Troubleshooting Thumbnail Copy 1

Help Thumbnail

Yes, doing a search on exactly what is suggested results in help on “Using Windows Task Manager”!
Does anyone really use Microsoft products by choice?
It looks like a database, acts like a database, but every single little nook and cranny detail is packed full of crap.

One Response to Software We Love to Hate

  1. Iddet says:

    Its really very easy to understand the basics of Microsoft software products; “Help” – doesn’t. Simple. Of course, you could always go and search Microsoft’s online “Knowledge Base”. There you can discover exactly what it is they do at IHC Special Workshops. You thought they sewed mail bags or made bottle tops? No – MS has a specific and identifiable demand for people incapable of normal human communications. They employ them to prepare help documentation on their products.

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