Switch. Now, damn you!

Some folks are really really serious about getting people to switch to Firefox. Good on ’em.Mind you, anyone who still uses Internet Explorer is an either ignorant newbie (we’ll forgive you), or wilfully crap-blind…


4 Responses to Switch. Now, damn you!

  1. Iddet says:

    Truly outstanding. Is this the bit where I can use that incredibly dickhead acronym “LOL”? Actually, I didn’t, but honestly, I came close.

    Unfortunately you are frothing at the mouth a little. Repeat after me: “Bill is not the antichrist. Windows is not out to get me. Microsoft is not a global spanning megacorp capable of subverting whole societies”. Oh – wait ….

  2. meromo says:

    Aye, it’s a slippery slope once you use LOL. It’s not far then to OMG! and spelling ‘the’ as ‘teh” in a deliberately ironic self-referential way.

    And re: the frothing at the mouth and falling over backwards thing: I just happen to have screeds of anti-Microsoft stuff that has built up over the years of servitude, so now that I have a blog, I’m releasing the venom in healthy and cathartic samll doses. Or something.

  3. Iddet says:

    Interesting result occurs if you follow this link using IE – or at least the version on my sister’s PC. You don’t get anything funny at all, just some crap about change ‘cos you’re dumb or similar…

  4. Meromo says:

    I think that’s actually the whole point of the site. You make it so that IE users get that “your browser is incompatible” crap that the rest of us have had to put up with for years. There are different levels: either a bar at the top of the page, a splash page which they hav to click through to get to your page, or one which won’t let them through at all if they’re using IE…nice.

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