Almost a Grown-Up

Having moved down from Auckland to Wellington late last year and started a new job in the windy city, the lovely YoungMissy and myself have been living at her parent’s place while we looked for a place to live. Or, as we soon decided, while we looked for a place to buy.

And so, after scanning through hundred of places on Net and in the papers, driving past dozens more, and going to twenty or thirty open homes, we eventually put in a tender on a place (after first having to learn what a tender was and how it worked).
We pulled a figure for the tender from out of thin air (or from out of our arses, depending on who you talk to), played a couple of rounds of the excruciating negotiating game, and are now the proud and indebted owners of a house that we think is rather good.

Thehouse Thumbnailbig-3
And that’ll be the reason for the infrequency of updates here recently…


3 Responses to Almost a Grown-Up

  1. Raq says:

    That’s cool Merl. Looks really great! What suburb? raq

  2. creaf says:

    what address? do you work days?

  3. Mother says:

    I think that house looks familiar. I can’t wait to come and visit you both. Good luck ,good health to you both for the rest of your lives. Love Mother

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