“Apple vs. Me” actually, Apple vs him

"Would you ever want to be on the business end of legal action from a company with US$9 billion in cash? What about being targeted for deletion by one of most powerful multi-national corporations in the world? What if a company with US$14 billion in revenue and 14,000 employees wanted a piece of your ass? Welcome to my world."

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So says the story at ZDNet (that great bastion and defender of all things Mac). Regardless of the wrongs and rights of companies protecting their secrets vs. the rights of journo's to stick their noses into such secrets, I personally think that this whole "FireWire breakout box for GarageBand, code-named "Asteroid" was a deliberate tactic by Apple to ferret out leaks in their company.

Apple is suing anyone who even mentioned this thing back when it was originally rumoured, probably knowing that enough pressure in the right areas will open up a trail that will lead back to its own internal blabber-mouths. Alternatively – and we're getting into tin foil hat territory here – Apple has entirely made up this project for the same reasons – to see where the boat leaks.

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