Outsource Your Life

I was talking with friends recently about the trend of outsourcing technology to places like India, and recalled that I had read an article by a bloke who actually outsourced his life. A quick bit of Googling later, and I found out it was an article from Esquire magazine in September last year. (If you click through that link, make sure you've got PithHelmet enabled in Safari, or Ad Blocker in Firefox – the site has some of the most irritating, cover-the-content-with-crap ads ever invented).

The author begins by outsourcing various aspects of his work to an Executive assistant-type woman in India. His first request to to his out-sourced assistant (named Honey):

Honey has completed her first project for me: research on the person Esquire has chosen as the Sexiest Woman Alive. I've been assigned to write a profile of this woman, and I really don't want to have to slog through all the heavy-breathing fan Web sites about her. When I open Honey's file, I have this reaction: America is fucked. There are charts. There are section headers. There is a well-organized breakdown of her pets, measurements, and favorite foods (e.g., swordfish). If all Bangalorians are like Honey, I pity Americans about to graduate college. They're up against a hungry, polite, Excel-proficient Indian army.

The more he pushes, the more these out-sourced people do for him. When he successfully outsources an argument with his wife, I was sold.

2 Responses to Outsource Your Life

  1. Iddet says:

    Yeah – I think outsourcing is a great idea.


    Oh – there’s even a Tui-billboard comment by Kiran Karnik at the end of the article.

    BTW – so now you have to log in to comment on your site. Had that many commentators you need to restrict it a bit eh?

    BTW II – I would like to see a comment capability for your “about” page now …

    (Oh – hang on – maybe you could make some noise about it, insult a sysop and get stamped on…)

  2. Meromo says:

    Bah – enough of your reality-based concerns! Out-source it all!

    But gotto agree with the Tui-billboard!

    Comments thing should be fixed. (Damn multiple WordPress options on commenting)
    You can’t comment on an “about” page with this theme, apparently only a few support it. You see, I *use* the help forums…

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