We Move.

As mentioned previously, the lovely YoungMissy and myself have recently thrown our life savings into a house. However, due to rain, illness, and ANZAC day cock-ups, we weren’t able to move in on our planned day – but this weekend, we actually managed it. Four vanloads from the Safeway storage place (which I recommend highly) and one sproinged back later, we had all our furniture in the new place.Well, almost all – the base of my bed was about 6 inches too big to fit in the van, so it remains alone in storage for the moment. But sleeping on a mattress only must be very fashionable in some parts of the world – so we’ll do that.And when the washing machine and fridge  turn up tomorrow, we’ll actually be able to stay there for the first time (gotta have the milk for my morning coffee).I’ll send an email with all the address and contact details to friends, family and interested weirdos from the internet just as soon as I can…


3 Responses to We Move.

  1. iddet says:

    Finally …

  2. Crazy Joe Davola says:

    Some things never change and others stay the same! Good looking blog old chap – and congratulations of your house purchase…where the hell is it?

    Incidentally – I am currently in the process of looking into getting the hell out of Dodge, or in as its officially known – Auckland (and the council)- and getting the hell into Wellington again quick smart. I’m down in Capital City next week for about 5 days on a recon mission (w/c 8 May) so should look to catch up for a beer.

  3. iddet says:

    Actually – now its finally. But only just. Worth a visit everybody. Just mind the … damn … lights. 😉

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