We Don’t Exclude You if You’re Crippled, Black or Homosexual, But If You Use a Mac You Can Get Stuffed.

Bank of New Zealand Katherine Mansfield Awards 2006 – Conditions of Entry 

Where an entry is submitted online, it must be accompanied by one manuscript, typed in English, double-spaced and saved as a Word file (.doc) in a PC (not MAC) format.

Five tiny comment-ettes:

1.    What’s a MAC?
2.    There is no such thing as a PC or a Mac format when you are talking Word documents.
3.    Why save it as a proprietary, dangerous format instead of something easy, like say rich text format?
4.    Why not have an IT department capable of IT, and be able to accept any text document – any decent word processor (NOT Word) will open the majority of text formats.
5.    Kudos for knowing there is such a thing as Mac. Massive bad juju karma for deliberately excluding it in an illogical and barmy manner! For shame, BNZ.

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