Crap in the Email Details. Part 1

I had a large post written up, in which I eventually got around to saying that Microsoft's software is generally crap, while Apple's and Google's and a select few others is generally good. No surprise there, you might think. However, I eventually realized over the course of my rather long and digressionary rant, that Microsoft software is actually just mostly crap when compared to those good companies. When compared to some of the other shit out there, Microsoft's offerings look, and I don't want to appear too fulsome here, almost adequate.

And what lead me to this conclusion? Using email programs at various workplaces. Outlook/Entourage have their bugs, but nothing to compares to the crap of GroupWise, or even worse: Lotus Notes. Allow me to provide examples of the latter, that I use at my current workplace, as I come across them. Here's one from the Lotus Notes "Help", to start with:

lotus how to delete.JPG

The fact I needed help to delete an email was a clue something was wrong with this program.

Note that you can't use the normal email method of:

  1. Select email to delete
  2. Click the delete button (or hit delete on keyboard)

Next, note that hitting the delete button, doesn't. Delete, that is. It just puts an X next to your email. What fucking use is that? To remove them from sight, hit the F9, and see that this has removed your emails entirely, so you can't go and retrieve them if you made a mistake. Note also, that there is also no method of selecting multiple emails other than by clicking individually to the left of each one to mark it.

So basically, you need to have all your trash emails sitting around in your way, because if you actually follow the steps, your email is gone forever. No convenient trash container here, folks. And don't try dragging them out to another folder that you've set up for trash or other emails you don't want cluttering up the place, because they still won't go from your inbox – they end up in both places! How convenient.

More to come…


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