Crap in the Email Details. Part 2

Time for another shot of the utter craptisity of Lotus Notes, as used in my workplace.

Situation: writing an email (or "memo" in Notes parlance). You decide to close the window you're working in. A normal program would give you a dialogue warning box with perhaps three choices: OK to delete the email you're closing, Cancel the action of closing the email, or Save the email you've been working on in your drafts folder. Lotus?



You have to read every single one of those buttons every single time you get this freaking thing because they are completely meaningless and arse-backwards.

First, read the message again: "Choose Cancel to continue editing". Cancel to continue? This has got to be a wind-up.

Next: why oh why is there a Send Only button? You don't need a send button at all – because you've chosen to close this email! If you accidentally closed it, well then, just press Cancel to prevent the close, and then carry on your happy way. And what does Send Only mean? Send it, but don't do some other unspecified thing?

And how does Send & Save differ from Send Only? Send Only will send the email, and put a copy of the email in your Sent Items folder, while Send & Save willl… send the email, put a copy in your sent items folder and a copy in your drafts, maybe? Who knows.

Crap like this means this software is broken.


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