I Gave My Computers the Flu

Last week was unpleasant. I went from having a slightly sore throat on Monday afternoon, to full blown influenza the next morning. I staggered along to work, and made it as far as lunchtime before crawling home to bed. Where I stayed for the next four days.

During that time, I couldn’t concentrate enough to read a book or watch a DVD, and daytime TV is an appalling series of infomercials and inane chat shows (although I now absolutely need a Magic Bullet, and that makeup that covers all your flaws if you’re Melissa Gilbert).

So I spent much of the time lying motionless, or idly surfing the net by poking one hand out of the covers to control the iBook. This was good.

I could also play around on my new web site at www.meromo.com, having just spent the better part of 3 weeks after work each night setting up mySQL, php, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Webalizer, phpbb, talking to XNet to get a static IP Address, and getting my sturdy purple G3 iMac DV set up to act as my server (and iTunes player). It was finally working, and I could surf to it from the iBook. This, also, was good.

On Thursday, at some stage during the day, the iMac turned off, never to come back on. I suspect a leaky ceiling and a drop of water into the top grill of the iMac. It now produces a momentary flash from the power light when you turn it on, and that’s all. It’s screwed. Argh.

On Friday, while doing the hand-poking-out-of-covers thing on the iBook, the screen shook, flickered, and produced a brilliant kaleidoscopic range of beautiful colours. Uh oh. Upon a  restart, nothing. Looks like I suffered from the dreaded logic board problem that this particular series of G3 iBooks were prone to. And the extended repair period that Apple undertook is also well past. Argh. 

2 days, 2 computers broken.

And I still have a stupid cough the flu left me as a departing present.

2 Responses to I Gave My Computers the Flu

  1. jc says:

    … guess you can count your lucky socks that you don’t have three computers!

  2. Meromo says:

    You’re right jc – I don’t have three computers – I actually *had* 5 working Macs, and now it’s down to 3. Two of which are old, slow backup ones…

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