Those Wily Maori Fellas

My brother sent me this joke. It made me laugh. 

 This Maori fella is walking up the beach with a couple of live crayfish in a bucket when he is stopped by a Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries inspector. The inspector says to the Maori that it looks like he has caught a couple of under size crayfish.
The Maori says: “Nah Bro, these crayfish are my pet crayfish. I just bring them down to the beach each day for a swim. When I whistle they hop back in the bucket and I take them home”.
The MAF officer doesn’t believe him and says it is illegal to catch undersize crayfish and starts writing out a ticket. Then the Maori says: “Nah Bro just watch” and chucks the crayfish into the surf.
The MAF officer then says: “Ok lets see ya whistle and make those crayfish come back to you”
And the Maori fella says: “What crayfish Bro?”


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