My Political Compass

I’m extremely non-political. I haven’t bothered voting for the last two or three elections, and in the elections before that I voted for names I recognised, or alternatively, anyone (as long as they weren’t women – how long has NZ been under a woman PM?). I believe the country bumbles along on the tide of world events regardless of what particular political party happens to be sitting in the Beehive.

Having said that, I have, like everybody, views on things. Yes, I’ll shout at the TV when the Maoris claim the airwaves should be part of their settlement for a Treaty signed over 150 years ago; when some moronic “news” item claims a “minority” group that isn’t comprised of normal white middle-class men, is better than normal white middle-class men in some pointless endeavour recorded using a horrendously flawed survey method; and when New Zealanders are portrayed as smug green-freaks thinking we can lecture Japan on whaling (because those whales are so cute and friendly – how oh how can those nasty Japanese people who don’t think like us and are therefore wrong and evil do that brutal killing?)

But I never really know where I am in the political scale. In
America, it’s easy to know: if you range from having a vague feeling that business might actually be good for the economy, through to being a religious nutbar who still thinks that “the family” and killing single mothers will cure all of society’s ills, then you’re a Republican. On the other hand, if you range from thinking that this global warming malarkey might just have some basis in fact, to being a vegan weirdo life member of PETA believing that we should support those good folk who steal things by talking through with them the issues they had with their parents which makes nothing their fault, then you’re a Democrat.
I’ve never really known where I stood – for example, I believe in having the dole for the unemployed (and maybe even the unemployable), but I don’t give a fuck about the environment (tar seal it all, I say). So it was with interest I tried out The Political Compass when I happened upon it the other day.

This site attempts to give more than just the usual left/right wing, by adding an up/down axis, being your authoritarian/libertarian bent. There are a series of questions on various subjects, and based on your level or agreement or disagreement you’re plotted on a diagram like the below.

The site also gives examples of various historical figures and their approximate positions on the map. Saddam Hussein appears at the far left and high up the Authoritarian axis, while George Bush is as far right and almost as Authoritarian (a similar placement to Thatcher, interestingly).

There’s even a NZ political party placement:




So, how did I do? Having done it three times just to make sure I answered approximately the same (and because some of the questions are phrased as awkward double-negatives which means there’s a reasonable possibility of answering the exact opposite of what you intended), I come as slightly Right wing and slightly Libertarian:

Economic Left/Right: 0.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.44


Which means I’m extremely similar to the Labour party! Argghghhgh!

Of course, in Meromotopia – I’d have a benevolent dictator.

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