Frustrating Frogs

According to the email that accompanied this little game, you should be able to complete it within 3 minutes, if your IQ is above 50.

The idea is to move all the frogs so that the green frogs change positions with the brown frogs.

The frogs may only move one step at a time, or jump the frog in front of them.

My two workmates couldn’t solve it. It only took me a couple of attempts, so I can rule over them with my IQ of greater than 50!

Let me know in the comments section how you went…

Frog Leap Game


(For those on Windows PCs that rightly distrust downloads because it seems that everything you download corrupts something on your computer, I’ll put your mind at ease as best I can: the link is to an Excel workbook that contains the game in a Flash version. I downloaded on my work PC and my home Mac and nothing bad happened on either.)


9 Responses to Frustrating Frogs

  1. jc (in brigstock, uk!) says:

    3mins!? you must work with a pack of thickies … got it in less than a minute, albeit on my third attempt; back to the sun…

  2. Meromo says:

    Ditto for me, jc. The ability to think ahead is obviously no longer taught to these whippersnapper youngsters…
    Enjoy the sun in…er..Brigstock. I’ll go back to that lovely Wellington howling southerly gale.

  3. Idiot in L A says:

    I can’t do it — even reading this stuff, I can’t do it:
    I must be missing some necessary chemical configuration in my brian.

  4. comradewolf says:

    you can visit my blog if you would like the method of solving this puzzle.

  5. CJ in NELA says:

    Thank you! Now to figure out why I couldn’t do! Must have ditched school that day

  6. comradewolf says:

    no’s a good puzzle!

  7. Confused says:

    I must be a dope b/c I couldn’t figure it out and couldn’t find the answers in your blog! HELP! haha..thanks!

  8. […] It appears some people need a helping hand with getting the Frustrating Frogs from one set of stones to the other. […]

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