Frozen Excel Art

One of the more interesting quirks of Windows is how an application that has hung or frozen often ceases refreshing the screen, so that if you move that particular Window, you get an alarming spasmodic splash of partial toolbars, text, and whatever other information happened to be on your now sadly lost work.

It’s probably a little more visually exciting than the spinning beachball of death, but certainly causes more stomach ulcers.

As I said, moving the window gives you this random sort of updating as the Windows struggles to do something with the locked-up app. And since there’s nothing else you can do except wait and hope it sorts itself out, I find myself making pretty patterns by swooshing the window around my desktop. And so, I present my first iinstallation of what is sure to be an avant garde new medium: Frozen Excel Art!

Should I charge for this…? 😉


Update: I’ve taken down the pics for now: trying to do any sort of photo editing on a locked down Windows piece of crap at work is impossible, and WordPress only reduced the physical dimensions of them when I uploaded, it didn’t reduce the size (i.e. in kilobytes). So they were massive. My apologies to those on dial-up.

Will get on a proper computer later on, and put up smaller versions of my artistic brilliance…

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