Who Polices the Police?

25 September, 2006

Who polices the police? – The police police.

So, who polices the police police?

Police police police police police police.

(Yay for Wikipedia)

Pope Calls Islam a Violent Religion. Muslims Protest by Rioting, Killing, and Setting Things on Fire.

25 September, 2006

Yes, it’s a bit of old news now, but I must say that I find it beautifully ironic how when one group of people who believe in a big invisible friend in the sky, called another group of people who believe in a big invisible friend in the sky “violent and evil”, that the latter group responded by taking part in what is generally regarded as violent, evil behaviour.

Not known for their capacity for abstract thought, these religious nutters.

Australia Pledges War on Reptilism Following Death of Crocodile Hunter.

6 September, 2006

Prime Minister John Howard:

Stingrays, or ’stingadiles’, as we call ‘em, are allied with the lizards, and we won’t stop until they’re all dead.

Solution to the Frog Jump Problem.

5 September, 2006


It appears some people need a helping hand with getting the Frustrating Frogs from one set of stones to the other.

It’s an interesting test of how well people can think ahead – I know that from watching people try it here at work, that they keep doing the same thing over and over again and getting the frogs stuck.

So here’s a way to do it.

Assume  the stones are numbered 1 to 6 from left to right. Click on each one in the following order:

Stone 5

Stone 3

Stone 2

Stone 4

Stone 6

 Stone 7

Stone 5

Stone 3

Stone 1

Stone 2

Stone 4

Stone 6

Stone 5

Stone 3

Stone 4 

Not so hard, neh?

Meromo.com is Down for the Day.

5 September, 2006

And there’s the danger of running a website from your own computer: obviously my internet  connection went down overnight, and didn’t re-establish itself (I don’t even know if the modem/router can do something like that, but it would be a worthwhile feature).

So ww.meromo.com is incommunicado right now.

Odd, when I was with Orcon as my ISP, the only time I ever got kicked off the internet was when I was using bit-torrent: I would get booted off almost every time. Now, I’m with XNet, and last night I happened to be downloading using the Bits on Wheels bit torrent client. This morning, no connection. Coincidence? I really hope so.

Normal connection will be resumed as soon as I get home and carry out the highly technical procedure of yanking the power plug on the router, and then plugging it back in again.

Leopard Wish List

4 September, 2006

A few realistic wishes for the upcoming OS X 10.5 “Leopard”:

* losing a network drive doesn’t lock up the finder for long slow minutes

* A return to a proper spatial OS9 Finder (oh wait, I said realistic 😉 )

* Open applications have that “hollow” grey look that OS9 had – just for another visual cue of what you have open

* column view automatically resizing to show the longest (within reason) item name

* column “preview” not locking up the Finder when trying to play a large or unknown movie type

* iChatting with video actually works without 4 hours of tinkering with Firewall setting, camera settings, internet setting, iChat settings

* Unchecking the “include when checking for mail” option in Mail does what it says and stops checking that account for mail

* Mail has “Next” and “Previous” buttons (not “Next unread”, just “Next”. Like in Entourage)

* Personally, I’m uncomfortable with the concept of Copying and Pasting files like you can do in Windoze, but an option to do this in Leopard might help switchers.

* Perhaps a way to sort some other way than alpha while in column view? It’s the most handy way to navigate around your Mac, and I’d guess that most people eventually gravitate to this view, so a few more options would be nice. Tricky to implement though

* Ability to turn off Dashboard and Spotlight for normal users

* You can currently have no password for a user, but if you later set a password, you cannot go back to having a blank password. Even going into the command line doesn’t work. I’d like to be able to have no password again!

* Less integration with .Mac. I’m dropping my account as it’s rapidly become outclassed by free offerings from places like Google, and the .mac mail addresses have been spammed outrageously for the last few months. I would like to be able to get full functionality out of my rather expensive operating system without being strong-armed into forking over more money. Alternatively, free .Mac for every Leopard owner. I’d go with that…Smiley

* I’d go on about how changing a filename shouldn’t change what type of file it is (calling my cat Fido doesn’t make him a dog, but calling my essay “Essay.jpg” changes it to a picture), but I’d be wasting my breath

* Option to have the Trash on the desktop

* More consistency in the Finder. Compared to Windows it’s a dream, but there are definite lacking areas. One small example: buttons in the system prefs should actually look like buttons or at least like something you can click. Look at them with newbie eyes: there is no indication what they are – they just look like pictures (which confiuses my mother no end). And do you click them once like a web link or twice like an app? They’re neither, and inconsistent with other aspects of the OS.