Good news for New Zealand Mac Users.

It’s day of big news for NZ Mac fans.


First, Apple now has a New Zealand online store. Just like the US’s one. Not a store run through Renaissance, not some poxy iPod reseller, but a real NZ online Apple store. Free shipping, free iPod engraving, and prices that are a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the others also add to the joy. For an example, a 20 inch iMac is $2699, while at the very good, they’re $2955. I don’t know any of the politics behind this new store, but Renaissance must be pretty damn annoyed at all the work they put into their online Apple store that only opened a few months or a year ago, that has just gone to waste.

At as right now, not everything is working, the podcasts link is broken, for instance, but I’m overlooking any little bugs like that…

There’s currently a giveaway draw going on for the next few days: there’s a MacBook and some iPods up for grabs every day until December 10th, so go along and give them your email address for some Mac-lovin’

The second news is that after years of rumours, there is now an iTunes New Zealand store. Yes, New Zealanders can finally put some legal music on our iPods! Songs are $1.79 each, which is only a small rip-off compared to US prices, as opposed to the huge rip-off we’re all used to. And it’s cheaper than the UK store, where, at 79p each, songs would work out to over $2 each.I’m looking forward to browsing around, and actually being able to buy music online.

Realistically however, I know I’ll end up buying very little because:

  •  a) I already have my music “Back catalogue” of all those CDs, tapes, and records I’ve bought over the years, and
  •  b) BitTorrent. 😉

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