Free Mac App Every Day in December

Every day during December, the MacAppaDay site is offering an item of Mac software that’s normally non-free, for free. Go along, join up, and download. The only catches are:

  • There are only 5000 copies of each item of software, and they do run out
  • Most of the software will not be free to upgrade in the future, unlike if you had actually purchased the software.

Those aside, so far the software has been useful or at least interesting: Shoebox (a photo organising app that you use in conjunction with or instead of iPhoto); YummyFTP (a very fully featured FTP client); ShadowClipBoard (a nice multiple clipboard utility), Cookie Assassin (for a tidy way to manage your browser cookies),  and a couple of others that I can’t seem to recall right now. I started slow and missed out on the first couple of days, but have been grabbing them since. Even if you don’t need it now, why not get a free piece of decent software? 

Each day’s new item conveniently goes up at about 9pm, so get going!


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