Last week we went out for our Christmas work party to the very good Cobar bar and restaurant. The week preceding had been a series of piratically-themed challenges (walking the plank, finding pieces of a treasure map, calling female work collegues “buxom wenches” and so on), culminating in a frenzied dig on a beach searching for boxes of treasure (that’s real treasure: hundreds of dollars worth of vouchers, booze tokens, and er..beads). ‘Twas most humorous when one team couldn’t find their box, and neither could anyone else, including the organisers who buried it, resulting in a fairly large square meterage of sand being excavated with ridiculous toy spades.

The whole week was called Pirates of the Cobarrean. (Get it?)

We got dressed up on the actual day of the party. Now, some people can carry off a pirate costume with a certain panache, such as random models from the internet:


Slightly alcoholically befuddled workmates who insist on wearing patches on both eyes – now that’s a different story…



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