Now Both Sides of the Tasman are Whinging Soft-Cocks.

28 February, 2007

Is there anywhere left in the world where politically correct bullshit hasn’t raped the good folks of that country of any vestige of humour they might have had, under the guise of it potentially offending someone?
Check your local laws. I don’t believe any country yet has the given people the right to not be offended. Though Flying Spaghetti Monster (I hope that wasn’t taking His name in vain…?) knows it won’t be long before we’ll probably see it.
But at least we’re not alone. Yes, us New Zealanders thought that a billboard of this ad:

Hawkinsadban Thumbnail

might offend someone – women, rhinoceroses, or horny people – who knows? But the potential was there, by crikey. So it was banned.

It wasn’t the fact that there was a half naked women with meter-wider tits looming over Auckland airport punters, no. Ads like those are everywhere. It was the temerity of the advertisers to suggest the attractive women might have some vague connection to do with horny sex. Outrageous!

And how the Aussies laughed. But now their tepid whingers have come out, gasping in horror that is this Hyundai ad:

There were 80 complainants, and countless other pillocks who bothered to write letters to the editors of daily papers, screaming to the skies above, that their beloved results of groinal slappage and seminal outpourings (or “little brats” to you and me) had seen the ad and then tried to drive off in the family car. Or at least the pillock had a dream that that happened. They have trouble differentiating reality from fantasy, and therefore believe everyone else is the same, especially the darling kiddie-winkles, Flying Spaghetti Monster bless ’em.
And so they banned it. Meanwhile, we voted it our favourite ad.

New Zealand, Australia… you’re a bunch of arse.