Will Wright Talks About “Spore” at SXSW

Will Wright, creator of  the Sims and SimCity series, and the man behind the upcoming game “Spore”, which promises to simulate the development of species through open-ended user-guided evolution, has spoken at SXSW (the interactive, film and music festival and conference in Texas, USA). The folks over at Wonderland have transcribed much of what he said, and it makes me really, really want this game.

When it comes out, I may even have to buy a new Mac, install Windoze on it, and then buy the Windoze version of the game, just so I don’t have to wait the 3 months to 9 nine years we normally have to wait.

Of course, it’s all ridiculously ambitious, and won’t be nearly as good as it is in the imagination, but this bloke has always pushed the boundaries of games. Without things like this, we’d be stuck with ever-increasingly realistic first person shooters (and yet in none of them will you be able to look down and see your own feet…)


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