30 March, 2009

Still getting over the most civilised and civil game of Settlers (Seafarers) I’ve ever played. I lost, but only one point off.


30 March, 2009

Half-clicks (button down registers as full click) in Gmail are intensely annoying, Windowsy behaviour. Half a freaking click is not a thing!

26 March, 2009

Good news: TiVo coming to NZ at last http://twurl.nl/awtcrg . Bad news: TVNZ are the ones bringing it in.

25 March, 2009

Bought 2 ten-sided dice for our nerdy games night

23 March, 2009

Ordered a new battery for our Roomba that’s been out of action for ages – now a necessity since the “real” vacuum cleaner has also broken..

22 March, 2009

Attempting to install OS X onto the EeePC via these comprehensive instructions. http://twurl.nl/e1n6sr First time didn’t work – trying again

19 March, 2009

Shame that The Bay (classy Wellington Apple retailer) has closed down so quickly. $1000 price increase on Macs recently can’t have helped.