26 August, 2009

Mac OS X Snow Leopard out on my birthday – hooray!


15 August, 2009

Stupid mobile phone ban when driving coming soon: I shall drive around with my iPod Classic held to my head – that’ll confuse ’em

7 August, 2009

Google Earth has got to be the coolest tool with the shittiest interface.

4 August, 2009

What did I do with my spare time before Google Reader?

4 August, 2009

Finally found a practical use for Windows’ spastic behaviour of opening multiple copies of the same program: dual monitors.

3 August, 2009

After decades of reading, I appear to have run out of bookmarks. Inconceivable.

3 August, 2009

Are there any movies AT ALL where computers don’t make “computery” sounds? (Last 3 movies 100% strike rate: Iron Man, WALL E, Eagle Eye)