Nightmare on Every St

16 May, 2007

David Bain, the bloke who in 1994, shot his family to death then went and did his newspaper round before coming back and “finding” them, has been freed on bail after a successful case at the Privy Council.

Good for him and his supporters, although he’s merely”accused” instead of “guilty” now, so he should go to a re-trial.

So the media are wetting themselves over this, broadcasting “live” from anywhere vaguely related to the case, and blathering on about “compensation”, “joyous victory”, and the “justice system in New Zealand”. Which will make them look slightly silly if he’s found guilty on the rest of the evidence later on.

But enough of that. Did the radio station that gave him the jersey in the picture below do this deliberately?  :


 Remind you of any other infamous killer…?



Who Polices the Police?

25 September, 2006

Who polices the police? – The police police.

So, who polices the police police?

Police police police police police police.

(Yay for Wikipedia)

Pope Calls Islam a Violent Religion. Muslims Protest by Rioting, Killing, and Setting Things on Fire.

25 September, 2006

Yes, it’s a bit of old news now, but I must say that I find it beautifully ironic how when one group of people who believe in a big invisible friend in the sky, called another group of people who believe in a big invisible friend in the sky “violent and evil”, that the latter group responded by taking part in what is generally regarded as violent, evil behaviour.

Not known for their capacity for abstract thought, these religious nutters.

My Political Compass

19 July, 2006

I’m extremely non-political. I haven’t bothered voting for the last two or three elections, and in the elections before that I voted for names I recognised, or alternatively, anyone (as long as they weren’t women – how long has NZ been under a woman PM?). I believe the country bumbles along on the tide of world events regardless of what particular political party happens to be sitting in the Beehive.

Having said that, I have, like everybody, views on things. Yes, I’ll shout at the TV when the Maoris claim the airwaves should be part of their settlement for a Treaty signed over 150 years ago; when some moronic “news” item claims a “minority” group that isn’t comprised of normal white middle-class men, is better than normal white middle-class men in some pointless endeavour recorded using a horrendously flawed survey method; and when New Zealanders are portrayed as smug green-freaks thinking we can lecture Japan on whaling (because those whales are so cute and friendly – how oh how can those nasty Japanese people who don’t think like us and are therefore wrong and evil do that brutal killing?)

But I never really know where I am in the political scale. In
America, it’s easy to know: if you range from having a vague feeling that business might actually be good for the economy, through to being a religious nutbar who still thinks that “the family” and killing single mothers will cure all of society’s ills, then you’re a Republican. On the other hand, if you range from thinking that this global warming malarkey might just have some basis in fact, to being a vegan weirdo life member of PETA believing that we should support those good folk who steal things by talking through with them the issues they had with their parents which makes nothing their fault, then you’re a Democrat.
I’ve never really known where I stood – for example, I believe in having the dole for the unemployed (and maybe even the unemployable), but I don’t give a fuck about the environment (tar seal it all, I say). So it was with interest I tried out The Political Compass when I happened upon it the other day.

This site attempts to give more than just the usual left/right wing, by adding an up/down axis, being your authoritarian/libertarian bent. There are a series of questions on various subjects, and based on your level or agreement or disagreement you’re plotted on a diagram like the below.

The site also gives examples of various historical figures and their approximate positions on the map. Saddam Hussein appears at the far left and high up the Authoritarian axis, while George Bush is as far right and almost as Authoritarian (a similar placement to Thatcher, interestingly).

There’s even a NZ political party placement:




So, how did I do? Having done it three times just to make sure I answered approximately the same (and because some of the questions are phrased as awkward double-negatives which means there’s a reasonable possibility of answering the exact opposite of what you intended), I come as slightly Right wing and slightly Libertarian:

Economic Left/Right: 0.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.44


Which means I’m extremely similar to the Labour party! Argghghhgh!

Of course, in Meromotopia – I’d have a benevolent dictator.

I Gave My Computers the Flu

14 July, 2006

Last week was unpleasant. I went from having a slightly sore throat on Monday afternoon, to full blown influenza the next morning. I staggered along to work, and made it as far as lunchtime before crawling home to bed. Where I stayed for the next four days.

During that time, I couldn’t concentrate enough to read a book or watch a DVD, and daytime TV is an appalling series of infomercials and inane chat shows (although I now absolutely need a Magic Bullet, and that makeup that covers all your flaws if you’re Melissa Gilbert).

So I spent much of the time lying motionless, or idly surfing the net by poking one hand out of the covers to control the iBook. This was good.

I could also play around on my new web site at, having just spent the better part of 3 weeks after work each night setting up mySQL, php, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Webalizer, phpbb, talking to XNet to get a static IP Address, and getting my sturdy purple G3 iMac DV set up to act as my server (and iTunes player). It was finally working, and I could surf to it from the iBook. This, also, was good.

On Thursday, at some stage during the day, the iMac turned off, never to come back on. I suspect a leaky ceiling and a drop of water into the top grill of the iMac. It now produces a momentary flash from the power light when you turn it on, and that’s all. It’s screwed. Argh.

On Friday, while doing the hand-poking-out-of-covers thing on the iBook, the screen shook, flickered, and produced a brilliant kaleidoscopic range of beautiful colours. Uh oh. Upon a  restart, nothing. Looks like I suffered from the dreaded logic board problem that this particular series of G3 iBooks were prone to. And the extended repair period that Apple undertook is also well past. Argh. 

2 days, 2 computers broken.

And I still have a stupid cough the flu left me as a departing present.

Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

17 April, 2006

The first season of the Flintstones was sponsored by Winston Cigarettes (1961). This 4 minute video features a few different sponsor spots, including Fred learning how “Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should”, and Fred and Barney have a quiet smoke behind the house while Wilma does the lawn-mowing.

Ah, I pine for the days when people were allowed to make their own choices and be responsible for them.

Smoking: cool since 500,000 BC!

Worst Freebie Ever

23 March, 2006

So a few of us from work decided to go bowling last night for shits and giggles. I haven’t been bowling for years, and have completely lost the co-ordination of footwork that I used to have as young man about town instead of the doddering old fool I apparently now am.
So instead of gazelle-like grace as I slide forward, fluidly sending the ball hurtling down the polished wood, my foot pointing out behind me in that “pro” looking way, turning away and slowly walking back to the seats with the certain knowledge that a strike or spare is occurring, I now tend to look like one of those people who always seem to bowl off the wrong foot, looking slightly awkward and hunched, and whose balls vary wildly from gutter to strike, from bad luck split to how-did-all-those-pins-fall-down-when-you-only-actually-hit-one-of-them?
And I actually got worse in the second game, as I pondered my lack of technique and tried to do something about it. Still, I may have just slightly exaggerated my inadequacy, as I ended the evening with the best combined score (121 and 104, if you feel like sniggering) and so, as we handed our pretty blue bowling shoes back to the shoe-collecting guy, he handed me a voucher which, as a superior bowler and winner, entitles me to 3 free games. Bonus!

Bowling voucher

Or so I thought.

There are conditions. I have to bring along at least a couple of fully paying rubes in order to get my free games; the freebies are only available to me (my name is written in big black Vivid marker across the front of it just to make sure I don’t commit a crime like giving it to somebody else); and it’s one player only, so I can’t bring a couple of chums along to each get one free game; but worst of all:
Datedbowling Thumbnail
The thing is only valid for one week! How many people are going to take up this generous offer? Nobody goes bowling twice a week, probably not even those slightly weird looking folk with their wrist braces and custom balls.
The sheer stink of money-grubbing cluelessness that this entails is amazing. I can just imagine a fat-gutted mouth-breathing moron of a manager deciding that giving away these things is going to cost him money, and making them expire in such a short time is a smart move to ensure that not too many of the little buggers are floating about the place.
The much more likely scenario is that a person who receives a give-away that is actually worth going back for, at his own leisure, will almost certainly bring some friends (who bowls alone?), and may even keep coming up back and spending money if the establishment is any good at all. This “voucher” is useless. To you, Bowland, I say “Bah!”