Nightmare on Every St

16 May, 2007

David Bain, the bloke who in 1994, shot his family to death then went and did his newspaper round before coming back and “finding” them, has been freed on bail after a successful case at the Privy Council.

Good for him and his supporters, although he’s merely”accused” instead of “guilty” now, so he should go to a re-trial.

So the media are wetting themselves over this, broadcasting “live” from anywhere vaguely related to the case, and blathering on about “compensation”, “joyous victory”, and the “justice system in New Zealand”. Which will make them look slightly silly if he’s found guilty on the rest of the evidence later on.

But enough of that. Did the radio station that gave him the jersey in the picture below do this deliberately?  :


 Remind you of any other infamous killer…?



Oh, shit…

26 October, 2006


Australia Pledges War on Reptilism Following Death of Crocodile Hunter.

6 September, 2006

Prime Minister John Howard:

Stingrays, or ’stingadiles’, as we call ‘em, are allied with the lizards, and we won’t stop until they’re all dead.

Important Announcement from Adobe

9 August, 2006


Those Wily Maori Fellas

18 July, 2006

My brother sent me this joke. It made me laugh. 

 This Maori fella is walking up the beach with a couple of live crayfish in a bucket when he is stopped by a Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries inspector. The inspector says to the Maori that it looks like he has caught a couple of under size crayfish.
The Maori says: “Nah Bro, these crayfish are my pet crayfish. I just bring them down to the beach each day for a swim. When I whistle they hop back in the bucket and I take them home”.
The MAF officer doesn’t believe him and says it is illegal to catch undersize crayfish and starts writing out a ticket. Then the Maori says: “Nah Bro just watch” and chucks the crayfish into the surf.
The MAF officer then says: “Ok lets see ya whistle and make those crayfish come back to you”
And the Maori fella says: “What crayfish Bro?”